Coachwerks residency - taping Graeme

Boredom - Torment - Madness - Release


Thanks G and Maggie xx

Coachwerks residency - taping Erin

To the soundtrack of Michael Jackson's Bad 

'Librarian girl, you know that you came and you changed my world / Just like in the movies...

I love you LIBRARIAN GIIIIRRRRRRLLLLLL - all the time!'


Rooster love xx

Coachwerks residency - taping Georgia

Georgia was so patient, even when I got her in the jugular with the scissors...


Thanks Georgia x

Sketch for my planned residency at Coachwerks

Translating ideas into action is always interesting if you have to get others on side whilst the project's still buried in the 'what if' section of your brain. I bashed together this sketch to try to give Graeme and the other Coachwerkers an illustration of my plan for the outside of the building. Not my best work, but I thought it'd be interesting to post here for the purposes of comparison with the actual outcome. 

The fence I've pencilled in was down to my fears that random drunk people would use the chrysalises as piñatas on their stagger back from the pub - I know I've been sorely tempted to 'interfere' in the past. But I've been persuaded to trust to people's better nature... We shall seeeeeeeeee

Come to Performance Sunday AT Open House AT Open House 22nd May 2011

Going to be inhabiting an installation for Performance Sunday on 22nd May 2011 at the AT Open House, 42 Hendon Street, Brighton.

It'll no doubt prove to be terribly terribly cathartic. I aim to give everyone a taste of the besuited experience. La!

New news - May residency at Coachwerks!

Opportunities for collaborative inhabited installations abound in my May residency. Looking forward to co-opting the unsuspecting into strapping themselves into a collective suit. It's about time for a parade too! 

Stay posted for more sproutings...

Dead leaf mask survived the whole winter intact

Think of a suit... A whole suit... I can't wait for autumn. 

Strange goings on

Markings in the undergrowth

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